Friday, May 11, 2012

Musician Spotlight: Bharat Sanjani

Bharat Sanjani, investment banker by day, musician by night, is a force to be reckoned with and is a truly inspiring individual. Bharat's love for music is apparent and somehow he finds time to rehearse and perform with his band, Spinbox, a local NYC cover band.  I sat down with Bharat to shed some light into how he does it all and still manages to have fun.

1. What instruments do you play?

With Spinbox, I sing lead vocals. However, I've been playing bass guitar since I was 14 and still take lessons here in NYC.

2. Is your family musical?

No not at all. I'm the only one with remote artistic talent.

3. Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith for his longevity.  He's amazing.  Ben Gibbard because he voice is intoxicating and memorizing.

4. Do you perform in public?

Yes, my band Spinbox often has gigs in bars in the West Village.  We also have performed at summer festivals which feature smaller bands.  We usually perform once a month.

5.  How do you find time to practice?

It's hard.  Every member of Spinbox has a full time job, so we usually reserve Sunday mornings to rehearse and if a conflict arises we try to reschedule and not miss practice.

6. Do you teach music?

I haven't yet.  Mostly from a schedule perspective but I would like to in the future.  I think kids are really inspiring to teach because they are such fast learners.  I would like to teach them someday.

Spinbox can be seen around the NYC at various venues.  Check TimeOut NY publications for upcoming shows this summer.

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