Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Someday you will be loved

Death Cab by Cutie is a band near and dear to my heart.  As I met my boyfriend of 5 years at the concert in Manhattan.  Below is a fictionalized account of the concert and our first meeting that fateful day.

I first spied you in line picking up your tickets at the theater's front entrance on 74th street.  You stood behind a few people, patiently waiting and sipping a hot coffee.  You had headphones on and seemed content listening to your iPod, and rummaged through your bag looking for your wallet to pay for your tickets.  I saw you enter the theater alone after you stood outside waiting for someone and got tired of standing in the cold.  I went inside immediately after picking up my ticket and surveyed the band's merchandise counter before settling into my seat.  I sat in the fourth row center balcony and was happy to get such a wonderful seat with a clear view of the stage.  This was my first time seeing Death Cab for Cutie live and I wanted to relish every moment, even if it was going to the concert by myself.  As the band was warming up and starting to sing their opening song, I spied your blue crochet hat I saw in line earlier outside.  You were sitting two rows in front of me and with an empty seat beside you on your left.  You were steadily texting on your phone, almost in a crazed manner.  The band started to play and the small orchestra melodies swept me away into ecstasy.   It was truly mesmerizing and surreal concert, I felt as if I could attain anything I desired and it put me in a delightful mood.  At intermission, I noticed the seat beside you was still empty.  I got the idea to leave my seat and sit next to you.  As I sat down and opened my mouth to say "hello", I noticed your natural and striking beauty.  Your smile soothed me and we chatted for a bit about your friend who never showed up for the concert.  It was an evening I will never forget and the beginning of us.


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