Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A picture is worth a thousand words

Coachella, may be one of the most popular and revered music festivals in the United States, due to its stellar lineup and huge crowds, but it also produces some pretty great photographs.

From zany outfits of fans to crazy performance shots, the opportunity for photographs from Coachella is numerous.  However the above photograph is a favorite that I came across which represents backstage Coachella 2012 most accurately.

The people in the photo, are a musical group, The Hives, and they are depicted post performance at Coachella.  I'm guessing someone thought they deserved a refreshment after a job well done.  Perhaps a beer?  A ice cold glass of water? Or maybe a beer and water shower?  After all, Coachella is one of the most hippest, craziest and sweatiest festivals on the planet, they should definitely have both!

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