Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Concert review: Summer Camp @Mercury Lounge

For sweet dreams in

    blushing pink PJ's

          come to


where teen dreams prevail



conquers ALL!

 The London Duo, Summer Camp, is nostalgic for the summer camp adolescent memories and creates this saccharine atmosphere with fluffy lyrics and a fabricated LA fictional city known as Condale, where teen dreams prevail and love conquers all.
 Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey comprised this musical duo.  Summer Camp released an EP "Youth" in 2010 and have appeared at the Mercury Lounge in 2011 and returned early February 2012. They played most of the EP in their second show in NYC and both Warmsley and Sankey are impressive live as compared to their recorded voices on the EP.  Ms. Sankey has an edgeless voice and Mr. Warmsley impressive switching between synthesizers and a filtered guitar provided a perfect ambience for the duo's lyrics.
It is ironic that Summer Camp yearns for the fun memories of camp, especially since they openly admit they have never experienced attending a camp in the past during their childhoods.

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