Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lady Gaga gone gaga in her fashion?

Similar to musician Marilyn Manson, Gaga is looking for pure shock value rather than making a fashion faux pas.  Gaga often uses face masks, for this shock value, but also because most other female artists won't copy her with her fashion choices.  Gaga considers fashion an art form and being innovative or purely bizarre is how she expresses herself.

Gaga on the red carpet

Gaga in concert
Lady Gaga definitely likes to push the envelope with her fashions.  When she struts down the red carpet, one must ask themselves, not whether she looks good or bad, but rather, "Is she wearing actual meat?"
Gaga in lace mask

Gaga's outfits range from futuristic fairy tale creatures, bustier outfits with fire shooting from the bust area (shown above) and face masks  made out of pure lace.

 Perhaps her infamous meat dress was most cutting edge, when Gaga wore actual raw meat as clothing.  The meat was from Los Angeles and the dress weighed 50 lbs.
Gaga in meat dress
One positive fact about Gaga wearing meat is that the material is relatively inexpensive as opposed to other celebrity gowns and the meat will be dried into beef jerky after use.  Gaga may not always be sporting the latest designer duds but she is guaranteed to always turn heads and keep people guessing.

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