Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Music bargain of the week

I recently received this bargain in my daily email as a member of Amazon Prime, but figured it was too good to not share.  I have a huge passion for classical music, reflective of my professional dance career but also based on personal music preferences.  Classical music, especially Bach, has such a distinguished sound and is often calming when I'm working or busy at my home.  It's a good soundtrack that has no words and doesn't distract one from the work they have to accomplish.

This album, featuring Bach and great classical hits, is 9 hours of music for 99 cents.  Such a bargain whether one is new to classical music or has a large collection already.  According to Amazon, this album is being offered at such a great price because Bach's birthday is on March 21st.  You can check out the Amazon bargain here!

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