Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weekend Playlist

The weekends are the best for relaxing and hanging out friends.  I try my best every Sunday to have a few friends over to my apt for wine and appetizers to connect with them when we all have time outside of our busy work weeks.  I usually play music that I've recently discovered mixed with old favorites and songs that allow a conversation to flow.

My most recent playlist featured two new songs that I recently discovered, "We are Young" and "End of the Line".  I chose to start and end my playlist with these songs since an audience usually remembers beginning and ending impressions.  I wanted my friends to like these songs as well and hopefully they would remember them after hearing them at my apt.  I chose to "Caring is Creepy" by the Shins because it's a band I've always liked since the movie Garden State featured it.  The Shins, Death Cab for Cutie, and Beirut  have a very mellow sound to most of their songs and are easy to listen to.  I chose TV on the Radio's song "Will Do" because it's a very different type of sound that this band usually produces and I wanted others to recognize this band for their versatile qualities.  The songs I chose from Blur, The Arcade Fire, and Phoenix are well known but they mix in with the rest of the selections well and fit the overall tone.  This playlist is great for entertaining, hanging out, or playing on a lazy sunday.

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