Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The tunes behind the best commercials

TV commercials have become a source for discovering new (or already known) music and artists. Some of my favorite musicians have been featured and I've become fans of news ones as result of seeing them in a commercial. 

The Chevy Sonic commercial, shown above, features "We are Young" by the band Fun.  This is the perfect anthem for all of the stunt fun shown by a Chevy Sonic car. "We are Young" is a top 15 alternative songs hit and has also been featured on the TV show Glee.  For me, I had never heard of the band Fun before seeing the commercial and after viewing it on TV, I had to download the album and listen to it from beginning to end.  It was a good musical choice for Chevy, for the band is reputable and the entire album is a great one.

For an artist, the more exposure their song receives the better.  For a company, if they feature an artist that many viewers like, then the possibility of their product or message being received is exponentially greater.  The relationship between corporation and artist is beneficial between both parties with the release of a TV commercial.

The video above, one for Audi, an automobile company, features the song "The Killing Moon" by Echo and the Bunnymen.  "The Killing Moon" was a hit off of the band's 1984 album Ocean Rain.  The song has been used in commercials before, but the song relates to a vampire theme expressed in the commercial.  Audi calls their commerical "Vampire Moon" and is targeting fans of the popular Twilight series.  Though the song utilized is not a new artist, the way it's been placed in this commercial helps to relate it to the well known series of vampire films and books.

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